Haiti mon Amour 2

Haiti 2

As The Window of allotted Time closes in on us as a Noose around our Necks. We know we haven’t found enough of the survivors yet amongst the dead and every hour closes The opportunity to find survivors in the rubble of Port au Prince.

We Need a Miracle and The Technology to prevent the worst. Cholera.

May I lead you all in Prayer of Unification only a Greater Spirit of Creation Beyond Allah and God 
can Provide in our hour of Need
Great Spirits of The Web and Our Universe
You sought me out to accept you in my life and accompany you every day.
he Spiritual Bond fixed by having come from our Kinship. in Creation leads the way for so many on our Planet, by the names of God and Allah.
We plead for the Victims of The Earthquake in Haiti, for whom we have no organized relief like we always did according to our Dutch Media about the United Nations. We seek Coordination of wich there seems to be none..For all The Corruption in the World to come to terms with another way of life, becasue a criminal is a tirant and a Mad Man at best who believes the World is his Theater to do with with people as he sees fit 


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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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