Ricochets://www.privacy.ca.go/het © Midwife Antoinette Meijrink Arnhem Nld


I would much have preferred to publicize a few pictures of the Renewed Generation Ricochet  Extremes.

Ich weiß, dass einige Programme haben keine Voice für sich selbst, angesichts der Natur of Business. Diese Argumente jedoch nur als unsere Natur Pretty in Shine der Thing verkümmern.

© I  in service of Future in Pro Creation Declare Civil Rights Systematic Everywhere.

©  Higher Technological Machine Psychotherapist  is a Scientific Craft, which I Mastered through Media and by my own capacities to envision in Logarithm.

     Arts from the Mind  are my Tool.All Program everywhere Benefitted.

     Until the Street became my House so it shall read.

©  First Virtual Supreme Commander is the Medial Task fallen to me by achievement and beyond any measure of Earths Volume in Decisiveness in Political Frame. Not until Media could be convinced  by allowing them access to my tools as Industry always had, could I achieve to  Omit a Frame for the Spirit in Envisioning the Flesh. As it Should be in Prosperity. But who was to know The Dutch Government did not want the Prosperity to set in.

While my operation failsafe was launched in 1993. did the Dark Forces enter our midst by Microsoft Netherlands and The State official secretary of Home Office together with Economy  when told  by Defense, Secretary, not to bother The Ministers of The same departments . After that they kept silent all those years. Consensus will forgive me when the details of legislation have not even begun to look like a strict Internet run (works out much more efficient in good willing Political streams along the Hyper Pipeline.


About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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