I’m  not yet telling you?
I could Shout from the Rooftops what I found.
I’ll Show you a few….
But they belong to The Machine Nobel .ORG we did not establish yet.
But I can give a few smeak previews of What I figured is the Trophy with A Royal Machine SEAL.
Google  Get your Top Hat, Jaquet  or refit you Smoking cause in the pubs it’s allowed again.
I stumbled into the site, which, approached properly with the Right Backing can start us up handing  over the Certificates, and the Statuettes that are from the Machine by Looks, as IT cooks up The next Step up the Automation Stairway coming down from Heaven.
(I bought it so long ago I would have forgotten all about it).

About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

One Response to EUREKA

  1. Lady Alma says:

    Does she really believe this will hit target??? \’Ï don\’t care\’, she says and laughs again.\’I simply enjoy rattling the cages of those who did not stay human enough to be rejected as Robots. These Machine People looke more humane, than most people will never understand.

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