Waar Volkswagen goed in is

This mint Condition VW  seized bound for Neterlands just about sums it up if you ask me:  ‘The Mother of all Flukes’ is one way I would like to put this one down, as well as comment this with the header: "Rejoice with me for our Evolution finally arrived."
Must sound lots better than Relativity according to Einstein flattening up the Universe with Mc2 instead of Mc3, and much different from the hysterical Footnote left by the Emperor’s new clothes on exhibit mumbling the excuse that any child able to spot the difference on the clothes horse must have X-ray Vision, which is a Planet Site (Sight) better, than  the Nerds concluding the Scientific Summit on Global Warming held on Groundhog Day 2007 as a Magic Wedding Gift Presented on the fifth Wedding Anniversary of Crown Prince William Alexander and Maxima of Oranje Nassau (Netherlands in Administration) whereby Chairwoman of the Scientists Summit literally had to grovel Deep in acknowledgement of "The Miracle of Life" leaving the ANSWER to ‘Question Global Warmning inexplicably unanswerable by any pure Empiric Science or Scientific summing up of Statistical figures giving an extra shine to the Children’s Question "Why is the Grass Green Mommy?" as highly intelligent and much less insolvable. Or What to say about the presence of A Woman administrated in current Registration with Yahoo Answers since May 31st 2006 as Lady Alma of Avalon, who’s title did not just drop into the Governmental Teacup  steaming as hot Soup (served too hot to bear) and never cooling down by  whatever application is tried to perform a trick which can only be solved by giving it some time to cool down unless patience is not a virtue in it’s own respect and cold water is used to look good in the Media because the teacup can be held on Camera, which seems as being in control, but does not explain here nor there, legally now or ever how my very personal Blend of tea was being served since this 31st Fairy Godmother was not invited to Global Office’s Christening  Party when Netherlands was sharing in Microsoft Netherlands ‘s  Charade to hide the Source for MS DOS new Circus act going from Stock Exchanges everywhere (Wallstreet – Being and back) which is a tedious sum of fragmented Data being ejected into figures concerning our Global Economy and every Nation’s Portfolio of Wealth beyond calculation.
Well wiuth that out of the way, there’s no telling that this excellent specimen of a VW Uncle of Herby might have in common with a resemblance to a well kept secret in Quantum Physics  that decay and Growth both happen at the same time and not realy have a clue that our World always functioned to Science as if Stasis could be the Ultimate form we exist in no longer carried by ether with two feet planted on this Iaginative Planet which has not even come close to hatching from the Egg and becoming Universe where we can only assume we are embodied.
This VW Van can be classified together with a meager explanation in a Star Trek Voyager episode, where a Pick Up Truck manufactured as early as the 1920’s  is discovered floating in the Delta Quadrant where Voyagers first Pilot Tom Paris  gets all cionfused because the  answer to Why, How, and significance of the object coming from a place, time and dimension in a staged Continuum familiar to us by Information carried over on us by pictures as well as having seen it drive.
I say this Uncle VW exploded out of our conscious thought the moment it learned Golf and Passat were ready to go into production so Uncle’s nephew Herby would never see a newly born Beetle brother or suister going into Production again. Where does that leave the Pick Up in Delta Quadrant? Imagine this little Ford open back van in the 30’s being part of the American dream learniong WW2 did nothing for home Produce being sold in Europe, but this VW Van did end up on the American Car Market probably caused a Natural reaction of unbelief followed by absolute denial on the part of Pick Up Truck causing it to become unhinged from our known Universe catapulting it exactly to land before Tom Paris’s very own eyes cruising in Delta Quadrant desperately plotting a course for Earth preferably before the Borg arrive to assimilate us. 
But there’s this Lady Led Zeppelin places on top of a Stairway never leading down because of all the stupid things she did in her Life, this she can never deny or testify to as the Title belongs to trespassers in the Elysian Field picking up on my Image of the bridge To the Future called Nelson Mandela whyich has lights coming from Neon Words on the side towards the John Frost bridge which reflection at night on the surface of Ruiver Rhine  makes it look surreal and fragile at the same time, so Staiway to heaven was the first melody welling up from my memory when I made this discovery riding my bike across John Frost.
What a bummer this one is still under review by the Los Angeles Time as a comment on a phantastic find by  U.S. Customs finding a VW
 Van back October 13th in mint condition more than 35 years after being stolen in  Spokane from the repairshop  1974. In Washington  this amazing feature of Universe retalliating back to Society for having  made Einstein the Measure of things, which can only come to terms with it in a Universe that also may keep it’s Volume instead of being squared of as a flat Page.


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