The Humane Thing for the Victims of Utopia in the Antilles

The following link was on my desk with Google this morning when I entered connectivity  We both  servHardwaree Human rights unrelentlessly.
It’s allright my opinion does not have to score me any points with Jan Peter Balkenende and his Mob of  obsolete Hardware on the Government Job demolishing every civil and Social Law in the sphere.
Community Guidelines, Google and I personally take in account, that there will be people who’s charachteristics make it sheer impossible, to find them a place all provided for in Statistical numbers. Maibe to some of you I seem like a very stubborn case of irrational autonomic Rebelism, but the bus stopped over a year ago in Netherlands, after an account of liablility has been lost by the Government on credible decisions able to pass Windows big Whitewash Machine.
The whole of Governments Package deal meant to take us through the Windows Patching Era designed to keep our Home Computers firmly in the Frame built bt government to serve Government at lowest cost prize.
That a Home Computer is no premisses of the Government we all know, but somehow do The dutch Depeartments, depend on their illicit hook ups with the only peopl with Vision in Netherlands, the likes of Miraclworx and myself, able to enter Hardware’s Functioning Interior known as The Virtual Space, which also contains Masses of Energy from  The Spiritual Explosion happening in Connectivity.
It almost could be called a shame, that Microsoft Netherlands has lost the proper feedback across the line of users. but hey, who said the factory also could handle an audit by Administrations Evaluation Force, unleashed by the prolonging attitude to commit fraud by Government Netherlands by hanging on to a Government which has fallen apart in the technological department by now, which means that no Department can access their data in connectivity as well as on the  One Way Security Network Stations designed to force ones way into private Property to manipulate people’s Pathway with for instance their banks to prevent lottery prizes etc etc all because a sacred Statistic has held the fort of criminal indulgence on the part of security forces dealing with Government officials Private safety.
It nealry cost them the total sanity of their Networks Favourit Program in use. As if this is not enough, do the Officials break the law again and again on the notion oir Constitution hold nothing more than Outdated Guidelines.
I am very happy for all the immigrants that came to the Antillen to become illegal and subject to maffia rule in the most elementary needs of Society. The thing our Officials cannot relate to on State Visits, and subsequently shy away from a proper Political stand in the issue of illegal immigrants here ore aywhere else. The blinkers of Wealth don’t come off for the job at hand or for the Human Rights Government claims to have a design on.
For all of you courageous enough to read the article after you have had your ear full of mine. The Drawing I publish today shows more sides to the verse. In the Pattern are blank spaces to show us where the holes in our reasons for  not complytuing to The Human Rights bill are. on the other hand does it show the pattern of those who agree against the blamnk spaces of those who voted agains. Out of respect for their opinion as outdated Glory of Master Races they shall remain unnamed.  


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  1. Lady Alma says:

    I says We in I not guilty of all the commitments needed for a Magic Miracle on the loose in here we go.

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