Profession Motherboard?

For a Government in connectivity to become so inaccessible as  The Dutch Day to day operation online, you only have to trample all people’s Human Rights to become as outlawed as the people blacklisted on vague notions and incomprehensive political decisions made by dubious Politicians unaware of the State of Technology when those decisions were made.
The reason I say this, is becasue Microsoft Netherlands  may stand convicted by European Comission and Punitive Court, but Neelie Smit Kroes knows very well to keep parties who suffered by decisions made while VVD was still in Power in Government out of the news and reparations (read compensation as re-emboursement for lost property).
If it wasn’t for my convictions that anything as important as an addition to technology conform U.N. decision to come to a Global Office in practice throughout Media Today, The Dutch Government could never have doublecrossed citizen’s like myself at the time and ongoing by keeping silent about those people’s inventions designs which have been implemented at astronomic Profits for Companies in connectivity using stolen property from people involved in design studies. Centrum Vakopleiding, delivered a perfectly operational model for Windows Global Office, but did not honor the law on Spiritual Property of designer at the basis of implementation. My Instructor MS DOS made off with my department disc to copy a model I designed for Information gathering and administrative imlementation on my activitý throughout my active involmement in day to day practice run of Department.
Anybody with a keen Eye for administrative operations in effect could have known my instructor (Joop with disabillity) could not have designed the active model from his background in Technology. The grid designed by me, is a very common model for administratiuve function within Business operation and practice.
The reason why Government decided not to let me in on my greatest achievement in everybody’s interrest and Prosperity in specific is beyond me, but can be only verified by asking Lubbers, Wiegel Bolkestein, van Agt and mevr. Neelie Smit Kroes to elobarate why they broke the law on Information and Spiritual Property in favor of Microsoft Netherlands financial situation on Global Market, which caused Microsoft’s Shares to soar and leave other Industry far behind on the Stockmarket then and now.
I have nothing against Microsoft, but they should know by now, their operation Worldwide is in a Technical State of dismantled and or dissolved into Development worldwide as State owned and or complete disarray.

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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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