Attentie buurtgenoten Het zal maar via de Arnhemse SNS moeten

Oh Spam.

Dear Lady Alma perhaps now you can finance a new house.
— On Sun, 18/10/09, UNITED NATIONS <> wrote:

Subject: UN Compensation Draft
Date: Sunday, 18 October, 2009, 5:09 AM

     The UNITED NATIONS has agreed to compensate all the people that had an
unfinished transaction or international Fund transfer that failed due to
Government problem or those that have been Frauded in the past  by
dubious Individuals.The sum of US$350,000.00 was issued to each of you .We
found your name in our list as one of the beneficiary and that is why we
are contacting you through this medium. This has been agreed upon and have
been signed.
      You are advised now to contact Dr Dayo Daniel of Intercontinental
Bank Plc via his Email  Address;,as he is our
representative who is in charge of disposing the bank draft to you.
   You are to Send the information below to  Dr Dayo Daniel via his email
address for
the immediate delivery of your Compensation bank Draft to

Full Names (Surname First)…….
Current Address……………….
Telephone #…………..
    Contact him immediately with the requested information above for  your
International Bank Draft of US $350,000.00 USD.

Have a nice day and Hope you use this Money Wisely and profitably

Gen Ban KiMoon
Secretary General (UNITED NATIONS.

en al het andere was voor ons privé in concept opgeslagen


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