The Bankers and their queeries


Citaat: Make sure to keep us informed of any changes  in your personal circumstances by updating your personal profile.

0268 How come you can manipulate shadow to a tee, manage to keep me from having my Spiritual Property being restored to my person, but can you not give me permission to change a phonenumber already 3 years out of order.

My Bank, sees fit to mask a discrepancy inside the  restricted to personal accounts in the Customer’s private zone.

I have been able to update my email, but for some reason has my phonenumber sprouted roots of a different Triggers (Google nl)Tree of Spam,Con,Skim, unlawfully put in place, by operatives currently undergoing many changes on a workfloor, where illicit peeping, unlawfull interfering in people’s personal effects, has been The Governments standard Policy of trying to stay on top of a cirumstance Technology, which long since expected to be The Apiffany to  finally embed a splinter of understanding my Life, My AL in all and AL.

The not so kind reminders I carry from evenbts in my personal life, that still turn Atmospheres cold on certain days, when confronted with Spitting Images of the Failures I casused, be reacting like a Nitwit, only aggravating the assaults.

I really understand The Machine Code’s Prime directive to commit no harm. Every Day my Government stays in their opbliterated office:" No Workstation will probably materialize at the expected Office Hour In my Unbearably Administrated Country of Once Richest Infra Sctructural Develeopiong Cpountry, where we were lead by Strong Women, since they were forced out of Office during  Coronation Day of our beloved War Time Queen twice over Wilhelmina when all our Throne was taken off her, to never having become restored in our History since.

To be honest, a Google Accomplis is an Aggravated Static of it’s former Prime Directive, but not the original Program by any design of theirs….

Therapeutic is it not Google?

We will figure a Proper way out, l;aced by all the kindess we have been Blessed with as a Charm, enhancement and Common Sense.

So Prepare for some paintingsd



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