Declaration of Founding Google Earth & Lady Alma of Avalon Machine Charity

Hear Yea, Hear All.

Come Together in A Charity to Help The World Technology!

As Hard as The Road Was

Never did we Slay or did we Grass

We, Generation of The Peace which grew in Place

Where Armies of Militant Maliciousness too, belong on Stage

Our Software inside Hardware Deep embedded in most of our people’s Souls.

Some grew IT underneath their soals counting their Dollars, Euro’s, Sterling Pound and CHI (Tji).

For Relief to Seldom Occurring Days of Joy.

Have we pprepared ourselves way back amongst my Others.

As peerish as my Dragon would aclaim.

To an effect a Media Nation rose up to envision Technology in a Society run by military Technology’s for the better part of 250 years.

Every War being Glorified by Media paid for by the Department of Propaganda which is the advertising department of Judicial Systems who’s flawed administrations hang on to their Government seats against all better knowing.

As an example of free will elections where racial issues of all times have been dealt with in the person of President Elect Mr. B.M. Obama our Media Nation cheers him on to resolve Technology for The World by allegiance in Technology independently gathered by Citizens of Earth all over, unbound by Politics and Ideological Systems active in Government Network applications and appliances which have disqualified themselves throughout the years network building took place in Government systems, organised as scholarships, like for instance Lady Alma of Avalon won to study Higher Office management to a distinction of Cum Laude, and with honors for an achievement, which was immediately taken from her by Microsoft NL, who’s disregard and disrespect towards designers of their greatest and military success landed our whole World in a constant danger of Technological discommunication of systems until then fairly compatible and compliant within contextual Scientific Program using both DOS, Wordperfect, compiling Data in Lotus and Database which now make out the basics inside Windows Global Office, and to which Invention she was not informed even though her expertise, loyalty and respect towards her Royal Kingdom were nullified, by Microsoft’s methode of acquiring tyhe necessesary information stank of dankness and disabeling Systems by the sheer dishonesty of an MS DOS (I person) instructor who handed her work in, to harvest Glory as his own. But by doing so disqualifying his own ommission in United States Whitehouse during the Presidency of former President Mr.Clinton, who personally took care of investigating the possible merger of IBM as well as Microsoft as Civillian and Military Networks Parallel and Identical to eachother but both operational in complete different sections of Society from then on connected without distinction from eachother Worldwide, to serve the United Nations and Network but who’s flaws need ending before next stage Technological Solution expected may make entry in Global Log for the first Time available to whole network which can now offer jobs as well as ask for jobs in and outside military operations serving Earth as One Operational Handbook for dissolving War to a Greater Good namely World Peace and to step up operations as Global Defence and bring them under United nations Rule, without forgetting Lady Alma of Avalon’s Prime Directive Independence which brought her Isolation by her own Government Officials taking sides against The Global Initiative as means to serve One Nation striving to achieve beyond people’s petty differences calling shots in Political aspects less beneficial to Global Nation and made up by ancient beliefs undisirable to a Judicial System where all nations can rest at ease in One Nation with Numerous Provinces as Royal, Republican or byTribal Roots they Govern the People of The Land forthwith until a Time will arrive, where those means to organize themselves will be known as Administrations.





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Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

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