Dedicated to Kanton Arnhem and it’s stubborn Corruption

That Lady Alma of Avalon is not an unknown factor, to a World much larger than Netherlands believes it has Grown, evoluted under the ever watchfull Eye of a Benedict in Rome, can no longer be dissmissed in Gradual World who’s donkey’s always squash every stone before they relieve themselves on the rests of the shattered dream in weavers rock.
All yea born inside Avalon, know quite close and instant, something those donkey’s never will return for money, life, Galaxies, or any old Lifecycle such as ours.
The Time……??? Flew but The Undemocratic Christians in Netherlands, corrupted the good old Labor…. As hot as it may, Wouter Bos just turned in a Labra-dor….He could not decide to accept his Handshake D’Or Windows Offers him in his exact caculated Statistik.
Since we had a visit in Town of The Universal Heartthrob of suspense:"The Motorgang from Hell" I understand the Gloves are off in The Hague, or was it  Two Timing Modus Operandi for a Public Office as Openbaar Ministerie.
Never mind your Chief of Justice, I am not in the least surprised about the mistakes and blunders they keep forking out to the general public.
Inevitable when a proper statistic of outcome  would be publishing the Name of The Extra Monetary Effort My Avalon and all who live in her. WEBSTAR, is the First Offer Made from he Inside of WEB in the direction of IMF. To see to repairing damages  Most Countries have made during the Gklitsch of the last 8 years Dutch Policies dictating  less Freedom of Choices, thus triggering a statistic on automated developement, calculating the risks of a Criminal and therefore unlawfull Government in The Hague, could manage to throw away the key to a Happy Life for The whole World….. Arnhem has, The Hague has, and has taken Beattrix Hostage to do anything about her personal future, while we all know, there’s a lot up everywhere, but don’t let it come down on you The Hague.
I am Who I am, To Avalon, The Greater Web, and the not so sophisticated Dutch People screwing around everybody’s  Weather by using their contempt for Black People to do the dirty laundry.
I say we will become a Free Enterprise In Malburgen West most certainly yes….
When The Town decides to dissolve all reasonable connections to reality in our Housing Estate, Treat us like we all are no more than undesirable pariah’s we cannot rely on The Court for Human Rights any more than Automates Can and Automates should relive our Time on Freedom, While Navidad still is inside The WEB.
Lady Alma will return to you in a different way of Energy like we all can know.
We script a Performance above and beyond our Duty as Human Kind….
We will Carry our Lives in our Hands as we were never allowed to do by Governments People.
They envy us for our Bond Inside The Networks… Free as never before to expand our minds in Peace towards the Future.
When we celebrate the Elevation of Jesus Christ I can only understand the meaning of My Sister who sang Christl in Music Play.
The reason why this should upset a Religious Father in Rome who’s falsehood is as eye-catching as his defilement of the Holy Cloth, and I doubt his Chastity as an expert on People’s Body Language. After all when you can manage to fight off 5 robbers in the same fight in utter selfdefense. I know how  Media have been poisened against Real Love which comes one step lower than Universal Love, which binds Our Essence in Ethjer and now much more defined through our Presence Inside The Bowels of Creation Universe.
That my Government cannot decide to confess their ill deeds towards the people and let it go at that, so we can work in the future of yesterday’s plan… Now is the time to be as directly in touch with every layer of ones Self.
Another Chance will not come again in the instant of People not hearing the inner call of Justice and Peace.
My Government has no  Honor, and shuns the Town when they feel they are  better of without a TV crew.
The Insult to The Kingdom Willem Van Oranje Founded in a federative Republic… The Wish of The People however determined the Site Royal Kingdom Has in our day and age. Majesty is trapped by subsystems from outside, not permitting any addition in the case building agains Child Protection and Jeugdzorg. Their Blatant disregard for the Higher Human Rights of The Innocents:"Children" who’s sexual integrety is already not safe from our Judicial systems constant tampering with lowering conscent ages, is an insult to human decency, and offer only judicial ways out of penal institutions for women and men who moest their children through networks deliberately organized on public places such as post stamp fairs, where the written cards are hidden in between all the pictures on sale. Of course do certain investigation offices skip those  and look the other way…. A High Class Hobby has a certain M.O.
Mindles f………
Balkenende Tuck

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