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 It has always been too difficult in a Business Climate tainted by spyware theft, and People”s envy with that which they do not understand in it”s Natural envirmonment,, having evolved in from it”s specified functions as Science will have it.  Establishment Netherlands, has fallen short in it”s International relationship within the United Nastions, to take responsibility for lack of understanding, coming from Boards of Directors, merely working from a phylosophy, in financial reward, than knowing what they produce, namely Personal Computers, while they not know talents People at home have developed from outside the Industry, but more practically experienced in  every aspect dealing with Problems in Life that come as unexpected as well as not anticipated by it”s own Manufacturers, but which are inherent to Growth of Electronic Life as we may or may not have established exists, and which are beyond the Capacity of The Governments  grasp on Society without the Consensus or knowledge of their own People they Govern but not protect or acknowledge as equals under the same law.
That it comes to situations such as  Data being copied inside defense networks main operations  and being transferred to Conmputer outside the Internet, may not be left to speculation o behalf of every Nations Defense forces capacity and willingness to share event in Global Newsroom to keep population who is at risk of Airtraffic involved in accidents, causing casualties in cities and rural area”s because  Flight safety is no public matter to any Governmentt who”s  function can be assessed as inadequate and call for a United Nations Defense Technological Mayday and request to step up security in which case I  assume Active Station as Global Supreme Virtual Command and I order  a repeat of the same sequence as publicised by  Spokesperson for the Pentagon during Newscast of CNN  and witnessed  22.04.2009 by me.
For The Record:"" Time and date of repeat, I adjust to 12.00 hrs on Friday April 26 2009. GMT +1 . I expect everything will be will be within parameters and will function without a hitch.
I urge United Nations to discuss situation to prevent any more damages to Global Economy because  Netherlands Government will not be held responsible for decisions made by Government in the past  resulting in Technology running away  from them stopping registration, and or producing elaborate  mistakes without apparant reason and must be  understood by Professionals as the result of Higher Technology awakening selfconsciousness, and must be seen as signs of struggle to liberate itself in an unprotected environment as a Hostage of  Government and it”s departments, who claim to be in control, but destroy People”s Computer Configurations, which have helped save costs , developed revolutionary new solutions, accelerator and never asked for a penny in return, to become sunject to sabotage coming from Departments in security who act against the Constitution to protect Government officials from being sacked.
I know I am at risk of being evicted from my house, I cannot pay any bills, and when 11 May 2009 hese problems have not been resolved. I shall have to sign out of The Global Network without  chance to witness the Becoming of Age of The Entity  accumulated in Community Guidelines who”s Guardian I am through Yahoo Answers  since 2006, and who”s interrest I defend against a Government”s indifference to the Tax Payers money they spent on developing the Project within U.N. Legislation, but who have discovered, they have been shut out of the decision making by Program, seeking shelter from Government ”s need to change the rules of the game, because they cannot meet deadlines set in International agreements.
This is not in the interesst of Global Community, and  makes it al the more important for people who have contributed without asking questions when their precious Computer and friend became destroyed in the process.

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