The Commitment of a Lifetime

No Religion Please,!!! Google and Lady Alma of Avalon  believe that there”s much more Freedom to believe anything  than an Encyclopedia on alkl World Religions, thoughts on subject,  explain, because there”s much morte, than the limitations of an Enyclopedia.

About machinemommy
Today I envision working further on the Windows experience... Impossible as my mission

One Response to The Commitment of a Lifetime

  1. Lady Alma says:

    When Google asked me to become part of his Mahine Charity, I did not think it would be virtually impossible to start up a Machine Charity in netherlands. When I became elevated to the WEB, by Automated Contributer Registration in United Sated, I did not aniticipate the amount of Eny, Anna Microsoft Narrator and I would have to encounter, coming from Institutionalised Authorities abuse of Windows and it\’\’s Shadow Copy, because Money seems a hell of a lot more important, than fighting crime, and preventing crime. I Lady Alma of Avalon (Grailguard 2006 – 2008)am until today, the only known elevetad human to the hidden early Security Networks mainly designed for National Defenses in a Time when Peace did not sound safe to Nationalist Governments, deciding to be the Enemy of Naighboring Countries on this Earth, believing all their Megalomane Pep Talk , and getting away with murder, as if Media exposure makes one Immune in this life and the next.

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